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4 Reasons to Attend our “A Focus on the Future: Innovation in Global Payroll” Webinar

Whether you work directly in Global Payroll or have HR/Finance links to the function, the rate of change within the global payroll market is constant and should be on your radar. Keeping up with this level of growth can be difficult. The very reason why Ruairi Kelleher, CEO, Immedis, and Mark Graham, Chief Commercial Officer, Immedis, will discuss the topic in our upcoming webinar, “A Focus on the Future: Innovation in Global Payroll,” hosted by the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI).


By taking the time to register and attend, we aim for you to walk away armed with the knowledge from several key areas, including:

1. Find out what the market is saying

Keeping a finger firmly on the pulse of the broader global payroll market and assessing what your peers are saying as a collective is vital in making sure you don’t get left behind. Knowing where the market is heading next and why we see certain trends can become the answer to challenges you may already be facing. It can support you in quickly shifting gear, improving your business processes, and allow you to get ahead of the competition.


2. A better understanding of what technology is enabling today

We’ve all seen how technology is reshaping how businesses operate and how we have changed our expectations in line with the latest app or system capability. As the world of work continues to evolve around us, we must continue to stay up to date with what different vendors have to offer and assess if new technological capabilities can better meet business needs and, subsequently, what does this mean for our every-day work life.


3. A better understanding of what technology will enable in the future

Technology is continually advancing across all industries, and global payroll is no different. Keeping up-to-date with the next big things to form part of the payroll technical landscape is vital to ensure you know what’s coming and can begin to assess your individual business need. Will these changes be a game-changer for your business? Can you drive further efficiencies via their utilization? Only when you know what’s coming can you answer these questions.


4. Learn how the role of payroll is changing and critical focus areas for career progression

Global payroll technology is supporting the removal or rudimentary tasks from the workforce, giving those employees time back to focus on other key business areas. With global payroll technology automating various steps in the payroll process, we see the payroll profession move to a more strategic role in many ways. Knowing these different focus areas will allow you to evaluate your next steps towards career progression.


We will cover these essential areas in-depth, and other influencing factors that we are seeing in the market today – all driving the rapid pace at which global payroll is evolving.

We invite you to join Ruairi and Mark for this insightful discussion on September 22 at 11.00 a.m. (ET). To reserve your spot today, CLICK HERE.