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Mexico: Increase in the Minimum Wage from January 2021

The Council of Representatives of the National Minimum Wages Commission (CONASAMI) has agreed to an increase in general and professional …

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Evaluating a Payroll Solution? Here are the Best Questions to Ask About Integration Capabilities

Deciding to integrate payroll with your organization’s human capital management system (HCM) is a huge deal. If it falls on …

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Impact of Brexit on both UK and EU Employees

Following a 2017 referendum, the UK officially announced that it would leave the European Union. Under the Withdrawal Agreement, there …

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Will Data Scientists Become the New Global Payroll Professionals?

“The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” — Gordon Gekko, Wall Street Clive Humby is credited with uttering …

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Italy: Social Security Exemptions For Companies Not Applying for CIG (Covid-19 Supplements)

How does an employer benefit from the social security exemptions?   Employers must apply for an authorization code to the Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale(INPS) under …

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Portugal: Postponement of Social Security Contributions Due in November and December 2020

This is an exceptional and temporary measure related to the Covid-19 pandemic Decree-Law no. 99/2020, of November 22nd.   According …

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What You Need to Know about the UK’s Short Term Business Visitors Agreement (STBVA)

Before exploring this topic in greater detail, let’s first establish what we mean by short term business visitors (STBV). For …

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Say Hello to Perpetual Validation and Tech-Enabled Global Payroll Compliance

This summer, Immedis introduced Perpetual Validation, an industry-first innovation that is changing the global payroll landscape. Before examining what Perpetual …

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How the Immedis Global Payroll Platform Empowers Employees

Payroll is a highly sensitive and personal business function. Regardless of the industry or service the organization provides, when it …

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Malaysia: Reduction of Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Statuary Contribution Rate for Employees

The EPF contribution rate for employee’s share will fall from 11% to 9%.   What is the Employee Provident Fund …

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