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Enabled by cloud technology, global payroll is transforming how multinationals manage their business operations. Gone are the days of having to recruit multiple in-country providers and manage multiple contracts and deadlines while struggling with reporting. By using a consolidated solution with Immedis you can simplify your global payroll and employment tax obligations with our outsourced managed service and global payroll platform, Immedis.

Consolidated Global Payroll

Consolidated Global Payroll


Client Service

We understand every organisation is unique and tailor our service to the individual needs of the clients we work with. Our Client Service Delivery Team are fully qualified international tax & payroll experts providing advice and ensuring smooth management of your payrolls in over 130 countries worldwide.


Tax, payroll and data compliance are integral to everything we do – our processes, people and technology. Your payroll is only complete once all tax filings are made with the relevant authorities.


Our cloud based global payroll platform, Immedis, simplifies the management of international payroll into one user friendly solution. One system, integrated with HR and Finance, centrally managed, secure and reliable.

Value Chain

We understand how complex global payroll is. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that brings together tax experts with a simple yet powerful software solution to deliver compliant payroll around the world. Our consolidated approach and the Immedis payroll platform ensures you have more time to focus on what matters most.

THE Solution

IMMEDISValue Chain

Immedis adds value to the payroll lifecycle using RPA to speed up processing time through automated data validation and process workflows, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Global Payroll Services


  • Multi-jurisdictional payroll
  • Worldwide payroll calculations
  • Tax and social security deductions, calculations & advice
  • Delivery of net pay into employee bank accounts
  • Remittance of tax & social security to local authorities
  • Enhanced General Ledger and company wide reporting