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The Story

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Expats can challenge HR and Payroll teams to navigate unfamiliar tax, payroll and compliance obligations.  How an assignment is managed will have both short-term and long-term impacts on your organization so its vital to get the best advice possible.

Assignment Management

Assignment Management


Pre Assignment Services

  • Employee tax briefings
  • Social security applications
  • Applications to tax authorities
  • Company policy documents
  • Assignment and equity remuneration advice

Ongoing Services

  • Home and host country personal tax returns
  • Foreign tax credit and treat relief claims
  • Hypothetical tax calculations
  • Operation of shadow payroll


We understand that sometimes people need to discuss queries about their tax affairs with a professional. Our team of international tax experts can communicate with employees relating to their tax returns giving them all the information they need.

The Personal Touch

LIFECYCLE of a Foreign Assignment


  • 1Assignment agreed
  • 2Briefing
  • 3Home/host country social security position determined
  • 4Tax & social security applications & registrations
  • 5Withholding in home & host locations - shadow & expat payrolls
  • 6Home/host country personal tax returns, including claims under double taxation agreements
  • 7Tax equalisation/ protection calculations & assistance with employer policy

Tax Services

SPECIALISING IN Employment Tax Services

Core Tax Services

  • Tax Equalization, Calculations and Advice
  • Split Pay/Multi Currency

Other Mobility Tax Service

  • Cross- Border Relief Claims
  • Equity Remuneration Advice