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Time and again we hear about painful implementation projects, long support ticket queues, lack of responsiveness and poor local tax knowledge as key pain points for global payroll departments everywhere.

At Immedis we understand how complex global payroll is. We have built our business around our team of international tax & payroll experts, ensuring compliance and reliable support for you, always.


Customer Onboarding

Our onboarding process is designed to get you up and running on the Immedis payroll platform as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to your business.

With the help of an Implementation Specialist and Senior Payroll &  Tax Specialist we will work with you to design an effective project delivery roadmap that works for your team and key stakeholders.

Our 5 Step Process ensures a smooth transition from our onboarding team to our service delivery team ensuring your parallel run gives you peace of mind of what’s to come.

Our 5 Step Process

SUPPORT Onboarding

Our 5 Step Process
  • 01

    Step 1


    Kick off: Key project personnel are assigned and onboarded from all organizations. Kick off call, creation and sign off of the project plan.

  • 02

    Step 2


    Plan on A Page: Employee, company, historic payroll information and any other technical requirements are gathered at this point to set up the payrolls correctly.

  • 03

    Step 3

    Set Up

    Let’s Get Started: The global Immedis platform and local in-country payroll engines are set up to reflect the information gathered during the discovery phase. Technical integrations are built here too.

  • 04

    Step 4

    Parallel Run

    Parallel Run: A simulation run of the customer’s payroll now takes place. This is a testing phase where we run a parallel process alongside the customer’s legacy payroll setup and validate that our setup and calculations are correct.

  • 05

    Step 5

    Live operation

    We’re live! The first full cycle of live operation where we’re fully responsible for the processing of your payroll through our system.

  • Project Phase Closure

    Additional Support: Each Project Phase will have a closure period where the Immedis Onboarding Team support the Immedis Payroll Operations team through the first live run.

Customer Service Delivery

SUPPORT Customer Service

The complexities of global payroll can best be managed by experts in their field. What makes Immedis different is our team of qualified international payroll & tax experts providing advice and ensuring you remain compliant in each jurisdiction you operate in.

Your global payroll will be managed by a Senior Tax & Payroll Delivery Manager who will oversee all payroll operations worldwide. Acting as a single point of contact, they are available at any time to support your payroll queries.

See our Delivery Process


Complete Compliance

Immedis helps ensure our customers are compliant thanks to our qualified payroll and tax team who have in-depth knowledge on legislation around the world.

Compliance is also built into our technology, processes and ongoing training of employees.

  • Technology Payroll data is highly sensitive and our Immedis payroll platform has been built with data protection including GDPR compliance at its heart
  • Process Our payroll processes ensure risks are monitored, identified and managed effectively while ensuring ineffective procedures are regularly adapted and improved.
  • People Staying up to date with data protection and local tax legislation is a top business priority, ensuring you have the right advice whenever you need.