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Most payroll problems occur due to incorrect or incomplete payroll data. Because of this, validation becomes essential in keeping the payroll cycle on track. Immedis automatically validates data at the point of receipt, helping catch errors before they cause problems further down line.  These validation checks happen at multiple points throughout the payroll process and are verified by our tax team, helping ensure the integrity of data and accuracy of your payroll.

Immedis Data Validation

ImmedisData Validation

Data validation occurs on receipt of data, at distribution before going to in country processing and again before final sign off. This helps ensure that your global funding request and payments are as accurate as possible.


  • People
  • Adresses
  • Roles
  • Payment & Deduction
  • Country Specifics
  • Contacts
  • Organisational Assignments
  • Banking Details

Client or Cloud Architecture

Client or Cloud Architecture

HR System Integration Layer

Finance System Integration Layer

Payroll Data Distribution

Payroll Review and Sign-off

Online Payslips



In Country Payroll Engines

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Payroll information

Payroll data is pushed/pulled from HR, Time & Attendance and Benefits systems into the Immedis Platform. This is automated on a set date. Data includes names, addresses, bonus payments, bank details etc


Data Validation

Immedis automatically validates payroll data within seconds. If anything unusual is detected compared to the previous pay cycle, the system will automatically revert to the client to confirm it is accurate.


Local country distribution

Payroll data is sent from Immedis to In Country processing systems


Global aggregation

Payroll is processed where all deductions are calculated based on information received at the beginning of the pay cycle. Data is validated against information received at Step1


Review, update, approval

Final processed payroll across all locations received on Immedis and shared with client for final review and sign-off.



Payroll is completed upon validation & sign-off by client and each country closes the payroll.


Global aggregation and funding requests

A single, global currency request initiated by Immedis to client based on finalised payroll to pay employees, tax authorities and statutory bodies globally in local currency.


General ledger posting

Immedis feeds information back into the Client Finance Management System for consolidated GL reporting


Online payslip release

Employees have access to payslips on Immedis, HR system or physical payslips, depending on local employment law.

    • 1. Payroll information
    • 2. Data Validation
    • 3. Local country distribution
    • 4. Global aggregation
    • 5. Review, update, approval
    • 6. Finalisation
    • 7. Global aggregation and funding requests
    • 8. General ledger posting
    • 9. Online payslip release